Wrongful Death

What is Wrongful Death? Wrongful Death is where a close relative of yours, and that can be your spouse or child, is killed by the negligence of another. Wrongful deaths are usually the result of an automobile accident or pedestrian accidents and it constitutes every family’s worst nightmare. The loss of a bread earner or spouse or child can have devastating effects on the family unit. If the victim is the bread earner of the family and is the sole supporter of his family it will be necessary to bring in an Economist to prove to the court and the jury as to what the loss of future earnings would mean for the family as part of their damages. Also, if the victim survived the initial impact and lingered for a time before dying then those damages can come into play as well.

Wrongful death cases are particularly difficult because the victim is not available to tell their side of the story as to how the accident occurred. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the victim’s family’s attorney to piece together from outside witnesses as to how the accident occurred and that the victim was free of blame as is the requirement in Virginia. In Virginia the victim must be free of contributory negligence. It is quite common for the negligent party to argue that the victim was contributorily negligent thereby attempting to deny his or her family to fair and just compensation. In Virginia the victim’s family is entitled to recover damages for sorrow (grief), mental anguish, solace – loss of companionship, guidance, advice and comfort, financial losses – past as well as future, loss of assistance, protection, care and medical and funeral expenses. Mr. Kaydouh has had substantial experience with wrongful death cases and represented a family who was part of one of the largest settlements in the State of Virginia involving a commuter bus in which ten people were killed and ten were substantially injured.

Mr. Kaydouh recognizes that the loss of a loved one creates a very difficult time in his or her family life and Mr. Kaydouh has substantial experience in putting the case together so as to get the family the adequate financial recovery so as to enable them to go on with their lives.

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