Verdicts and Settlements

$115,000 Car Accident Settlement 

A mother of two small children was leaving Georgetown at 2am in her friend's SUV. A Rolls Royce (allegedly belonging to a local dealership) driven by the defendant crossed the median on Key Bridge and hit the wall before bouncing into the side of the SUV. Our client hit her head in the colision and went home. She ultimately incurred almost $19,000 in medical expences. It was reveraled that the driver of the Rolls Royce had a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) of nearly 3 times the legal limit! Not to mention the fact that this was the defendant's second DWI. This defendent fled the country. 

We brought in the owner of the Rolls Royce dealer in - he claimed that the driver had stolen the car and that it was not from the dealership that he owned (even though it had the dealership plates on it) After a discovery, it was found that the driver was not only employed by the dealership but was also the nephew of the owner of the dealership!

We recieved a settlement of $115,000 for our client and are happy to have represented her.




Springfield Woman Attacked by Poisonous Snake

Our client was only 30 years old and was attacked by a poisonous snake just feet outside of her home in a Condominium Community. She was immediately taken to the Emergency room and was there for several hours and even had to return the next day. Over the course of the case, the area where she had been bitten on her ankle kept swelling up to more than double the normal size. Our client loved dancing and excersizing and the damage done to her ankle took those pleasures away from her for a minimum of two years. She could no longer wear the shoes she wanted or even stand for an extended period of time. Our client couldn't even dance at her best friend's wedding. After extensive investigation we found out that the condominium community had more than 60 complaints of snakes on the property which they did nothing about. They took minimal actions towards removing the snakes and when they recieved a complaint of a snake, they did not notify the community of the potentially dangerous situation.  We valliently fought for our client and were able to achieve a substantial settlement for her for $23,000.00. We are happy to have helped our client and done this for her.



Devastating Car Accident Leaves Woman With More Than $200,000 In Medical Bills

Our client was driving on the far right side of the road when a car merged into our Client’s lane causing her to swerve out of the way to avoid a collision, unfortunately she lost control of her vehicle which caused her car to flip over two times. The car that hit our Client drove off, leaving her behind terribly injured. She managed to call 911 and was immediately taken into the Emergency Room where she remained for days. Multiple surgeries were necessary. Even though the driver left her at the scene and never identified themselves and there were no witnesses, we were able to resolve all of her outstanding medical bills by utilizing her uninsured motorist coverage and by negotiating with her medical providers. We are so happy that our client can continue to lead her life without this huge amount of debt on her shoulders.


Woman’s Face Scarred From Nail Salon Waxing


Our client went into a local nail salon that also offered facial treatments. She decided to treat herself to a facial. The woman giving our Client a facial proceeded to place extremely hot wax on her already irritated skin to give our client a waxing that she did not ask for. This irresponsible action by the technician caused our client 2nd degree burns and scarring to the left side of her face discolored. We brought a private detective into the case and after our investigation, we found out that the technician that injured our client was not even licensed and, in fact, had FAILED the test and requirements to become licensed to do these treatments. Our client had $3,000 in medical bills and because of our efforts, we were able to get our client $30,000.00. 


Woman breaks hip, shoulder in fall on supermarket walkway - $193,000 Settlement

Defendant gave conflicting accounts of bicycle/pedestrian wreck - $300,000 Settlement 


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