Prenuptial Agreements

Spousal Support, Annulment, Separation Agreement, Prenuptial AgreementMany high earning individuals will have utilized a prenuptial agreement specifically identifying assets which they wish to keep as separate property should their marriage be terminated. Notwithstanding the utilization of a Prenuptial Agreement, any of these assets can possibly become marital property due to a number of factors such as comingling of assets and things of that nature. The analysis of the Prenuptial Agreement is very important as well as the tracing of the property and the contributions to that particular property during the length of the marriage to see whether any or all of that property which was originally designated as separate property has become marital property.

Return of Engagement Gifts Disputes

Unfortunately, there are instances where couples decide not to go through with the marriage. This brings up the question of what to do with gifts that were acquired in anticipation of marriage. Usually the main issue concerns the return of the engagement ring and other gifts which may have been given in anticipation of marriage. It is important to meet with your attorney so that the law in Virginia can be explained to you on this complicated question, as to what to expect if the matter goes to court.

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