Spousal Support, Annulment, Separation Agreement, Prenuptial AgreementThe State of Virginia provides a remedy for a party who is eligible for an annulment. For instance, if you discovered that your spouse is still married to another at the time of your marriage, you may be eligible for an annulment which basically means that your marriage never existed.

There are numerous grounds in Virginia for an annulment as set forth in the Virginia Code. In many instances we have experienced that one party has attempted to take advantage of the other so as to gain access to a green card in order to permit them to work in the United States on fraudulent grounds. Sometimes, this can be used a ground of an annulment.

The complicating factor here is that if one of the parties is successful in attaining an annulment and there has already been a child conceived or born of the marriage, this can create complications and the issues of custody and visitation and child support will come up at that time and will have to be resolved.

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