Burn Injuries

To incur a substantial burn to someone‚Äôs face or other part of their body is nothing more traumatic. Burn injuries can consist of first, second or third degree burns. Burn injuries frequently occur when someone has been involved in a fire or a seemingly innocent setting such as a reaction from a facial when the wrong product is applied thereby causing permanent and irreversible traumatic scarring to the individual’s face. In many instances plastic surgery cannot completely alleviate both the physical or psychological scarring for the victim to return to their original appearance, especially if the victim is an individual of color, there will be major and dramatic differences in skin pigmentation thereby causing even more trauma to the victim. Mr. Kaydouh has experience in dealing with burn cases and will advise you accordingly and will gather the evidence necessary to prove your case to the satisfaction of a jury if necessary.

Eye Injuries

Nothing can be worse than a serious injury to one’s eye or eyes. If we did not have our eyes we would not have the enjoyment of life as we now know it. To lose one’s sight or to have your sight impaired in any major way in one or both eyes is catastrophic and immense loss. Unfortunately, eye injuries in motor vehicle accidents are quite frequent. If the individual who has suffered an eye injury is a wage earner and the injury affects their ability to earn a living, this must be developed with the help of a Forensic Economist who will present to the jury his report as to how much in his opinion the individual has lost as a result of the eye injury, loss of sight and loss of employment.

The types of eye injuries that once can suffer in a motor vehicle accident include:

  • Optic nerve injury
  • Eye lid injuries
  • Cornea injuries
  • Ruptured globe injuries
  • Comotio retina (retinal contusion)
  • Traumatic maculopathy
  • Hemorrhage (bleeding)
  • Orbital (eye socket); blow out fractures
  • Retinal tears
  • Retinal detachment

The details of your loss must be adequately compiled by the attorney so as to fully develop for the insurance company in a settlement package all that you have lost. Mr. Kaydouh’s extensive experience in this area and that of his staff will completely and adequately document your injury.

Injuries to Children

Unfortunately insurance companies take an attitude that when a child is injured that child is somehow a second class citizen as that child is not earning a living and usually cannot explain the damages that they have sustained by another person’s negligence. Depending on the age of the child most of the evidence will come in through the treating physicians and the parents of the child. Yet, that is still not the same as having an adult testify as to how they themselves had been injured. It is the job of the attorney to adequately portray the injury that the child has suffered and whether or not there will be ramifications in the future for the injuries that the child has incurred.

Recently Mr. Kaydouh handled the case of a child where a school employee had slammed a door on the child’s hand resulting in the child requiring surgery. At first the school did not want to entertain any request for compensation, but after Mr. Kaydouh had put together the case and presented an adequate settlement proposal they offered a substantial settlement

Injuries to the Elderly

As with children, unfortunately insurance companies take the position that the elderly are somehow second class citizens and not entitled to fair and adequate compensation for their injuries because they are simply “too old”. This is a terrible tragedy and it is the duty of your attorney to fight for you and to show that you have lived a life of dignity and that you have suffered injuries and that these injuries will more likely than not be with you for the rest of your life. Many insurance companies and their defense attorneys love to blame the elderly for being careless and not paying attention and usually it’s the other driver who did not pay attention or did not give the elderly individual enough time to cross the street.

The insurance companies seem to think that because the elderly victim is too old that they are simply not worthy of credibility and that they just don’t have any worth or entitlement in modern day society.

Mr. Kaydouh recently handled a case for an elderly individual who took a long time to cross the street, having begun to cross when the light was green and when he was three-quarters of the way across the light turned to red and the driver of a vehicle who incidentally was texting while driving, ran into him. The insurance company who originally offered nothing tried to blame the elderly individual. Mr. Kaydouh prevailed and the insurance company paid out the entire amount of the insurance policy of the driver.

Mr. Kaydouh also recently handled a case for the family of an 80 year old woman who was killed by a bicyclist on a walking trail, obtaining for that family substantial compensation.

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